We hope you take some time with a cup of tea or glass of wine to wander through our site and find a moment of respite, a place of beauty and a deep breath of inspiration.

With Olive + Sweetpea, our intention is to provide a place to share ideas, promote successes, inform, inspire, and entertain. We are women entrepreneurs with extensive work experience; it is our expertise in our industries, our successes and failures, our passions, our collective aesthetic and our humour we want to convey. Our goal is to encourage others to discover their unique path through the world with a bit of joy and urge you to recognize the beauty in whatever endeavour you pursue.

Olive symbolizes peace. Sweetpea symbolizes pleasure. Peace and pleasure set the foundation for our “salon.” We believe in creativity, the importance of beauty, authenticity, integrity, spirit, and a great deal of laughter. Thank you for stopping by.