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Domaine Rouge-Bleu a Côtes du Rhône Vineyard on the Rise

Domaine Rouge-Bleu a Côtes du Rhône Vineyard on the Rise

Five years ago, I wrote an article for Global Living Magazine about the new owners of Domaine Rouge-Bleu. The backstory about how a Franco-Australian couple followed their dream of owning a wine label is below. Leveraging their experiences in winemaking and sales, Caroline Jones and Thomas Bertrand landed in the grapevines of Domaine Rouge-Bleu. This small vineyard in the Côtes du Rhône Valley is just outside the Vaucluse village of Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes.

A lot can happen in five years, including two babies. Bertrand and Jones have their hands full juggling the demands of two little girls, hosting a three-bedroom Bed and Breakfast, and operating a biodynamic vineyard. Their focus for Domaine Rouge-Bleu is the revitalization of rootstock and process improvements to increase production. They began with the physically demanding removal of older, low-production vines, and replanting any open pockets. They chose classic Provencal grapes, Grenache and Mourvèdre, Cinsault for rosé, and dedicated a parcel exclusively to white wine grapes.


Domaine Rouge-Bleu is a fully biodynamic vineyard. This agricultural methodology is good for the environment but requires careful oversight by the winemaker – Caroline Jones. As the vintner, she sets vigorous vineyard management standards and rejects the use of chemicals on the vines. The results of their hard work and investment in equipment (a pneumatic press, contemporary tanks, an alternate cooling system, a new pump, and barrel racks) are beginning to manifest in higher grape yields each year.

Read the full story at Perfectly Provence.

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