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The ABC's of Marseille

The ABC's of Marseille

Reasons to Visit Marseille

M for Museums: 

When you go, plan to visit the museums in Marseille. There is something for every artistic taste and attention span with a range of curated artistic styles and artifacts. 

History buffs head to Fort Saint-Jean, Musée d’ Histoire de Marseille (one of the largest in Europe), the Musée des Docks Romains (Roman Docks Museum), and musée d’Archéologie méditerranéenne (located inside Vieille Charité). 


Art lovers discover Musée des Beaux-Arts with a collection of 16th to 19th-century artwork. Located in Palais Longchamp, it is the oldest museum in Marseille opening to the public in 1801. This video gives you a short overview of the building and its contents.

Short on time? Head to Musée Regards de Provence (features Provencal artists) and Musee Cantini (modern art collection 1900 – 1960). Both small museums are located near the Vieux Port.

A for Architecture:

The award of Cultural Capital of the Year for 2013 was just the kind of shot-in-the-arm impetus that the city of Marseille required to change its gritty image. The reality is no municipality would disagree with a cash infusion equaling € 660 million. Although that figure is only a portion of the total amount of infrastructure funding, the result is several legacy projects such as the Museum of Civilisations from Europe and the Mediterranean (MuCEM).

MuCEM is a stunning architectural creation by Rudy Ricciotti in collaboration with Roland Carta changed the face of J4, an old ferry dock. The museum is a sparkling five-story glass cube implausibly enveloped by concrete latticework. The purpose-built concrete panels provide defused lighting and a windbreak while adding immense architectural interest to the structure.


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